Thursday, May 6, 2010

What a life

I am not going to post this on FB today cause I feel that this is more like a 'journal' today.

Well, I cried a bucket of tears this morning after I was told by my insurance company - and ex-employer [Kaiser Permanente] that my COBRA induction does not guarantee continuous coverage. After fighting with them for most of March and April, my COBRA statement eventually became available online about 2 weeks ago, I made the payment through my bank the next day and it took COBRA and Kaiser through yesterday morning for the payment to be acknowledged. Kaiser now informed me that this was for April and they only activate the policy on a month to month basis since this is how COBRA bills.

Now I am ready to post my May payment to COBRA, but wait: if this takes a couple of weeks, I will not have insurance until towards the end of May! Kaiser is profiting from me [!!] since they will not see me as a patient at all if I am inactive!

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!!! Lawyer - here I come...... I really have no other options, do I? There is no law prohibiting them from doing this but they did break some kind of ethical code by misdiagnosis in the first damn place, didn't they?


  1. I hope you find a resolution to your problems....... Alli xx

  2. Thank you. I went to mass yesterday and asked for forgiveness to my impatience. I feel good and positive today.

  3. I don't know what state you live in but some states have some insurance coverage for cancer breast cancer patients. I suppose that is somewhat based on income but not entirely. I have a friend in PA who lost her insurance and was able to be covered by the state's program.

    Hope this insurance problem is resolved for you. Will pray for you about that (and about health in general!!!!)

    Had to giggle at your comment about asking forgiveness to inpatience...I often have to do the same.

  4. Ah, the health care industry....
    Good luck with your battle. Its not easy. Makes me so mad that they do this to folks.