Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday May 9, 2010

Well, this house is quiet once again. Quiet and lonely, at least for me. I grew up in a large family so there was always noise and activity. When I am alone now, I feel very very sad and lonely. So noise helps.

Today, me and my cousins planned a Mother's Day lunch for our family. It was GREAT! I always feel good seeing family and friends but most of all, I like being around noise. Isn't that insane? My daughter Joanne, her husband Bill, and my granddaughter Gabby were all there and they had lots of fun too. Other family kids were there so Gabby was in all her glory [she is two]!

Well, it is almost 9pm EST and I am very tired and in my bed. Tomorrow is a big day for me but I cannot write much about it until maybe later. It is not a sad thing and should have a great outcome.

Goodnight everyone and as I say on FB - "ttyl" or talk to you later!

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  1. Vilma glad you had a Happy Mother's Day!!

    If you are on FB look me up by my email

    ~ Alli..xx