Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another Day in My Life

Today I consider to be another eventful day in my journey. I have decided to live on my own once again. I am now stronger mentally and have no fears about problems with my cancer. Fear is what made me decide to move in with family after my diagnosis of the cancer recurrence last year. Since then I have prayed and meditated and with friend and family support, I realize that maintaining my inner strength and spirituality is part of my journey.

I moving into an apartment in Laurel, Maryland and plan to start furnishing all over again. I have sold and given away all of my furnishings from my last residence and feel great about that. I hope that this does not sound too crazy :)!

I still have issues with insurance and disability coverage but I have Faith that this too shall pass. I will continue to be positive and will always wear that smile that so many people like to see me wear :)!

I should be seeing my oncologist after having a CT Scan in the next couple of weeks but with no insurance coverage and no State access - who knows but again I have Faith and will keep praying.

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