Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stupid Stupid Cancer

I start my blog today to continue sharing my sadness at the loss of a breast friend who succumbed to this dreadful illness one day ago. Daria Maluta. I first met her last Spring at a conference on metastatic breast cancer - she gracefully agreed to be my roommate and we shared our life stories. Daria left me with good feelings on managing this disease without going out of my mind. She kept in touch with the rest of the world through blogging and introduced me to this website and gave me a quick lesson on getting involved the way she did. What a woman - I am experiencing both sadness and happiness when I think of her. Sadness, because we lost a great sister! Happiness, because I had the pleasure and wonderful experience of meeting her.

Rest in Peace Daria. My love and condolences to the family she has left behind.

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