Friday, August 27, 2010

Okay to be sad

I received news this morning that my long time ailing aunt died this morning. Yes, she had cancer - in the bone. Suffered quite a bit and this saddened me. We knew her time was near but I cried this morning while praying for her in church and I know crying is okay.

I visited her twice in the last year since she lives overseas and in the countryside. My family usually takes a day off to go to that side of the island. I think about her husband who recently started losing his vision and depended on her quite a bit but God will see him through.

I remember my aunt of years ago - very beautiful woman whose grey eyes lit up when she smiled. My cousin and I shared some wonderful stories of her only last night - I guess we were preparing for this. She still had that beautiful smile and pretty eyes when I saw her last earlier this year. She was still very active, tending to her very large backyard of fruits and vegetables. She also loved animals and had these two monkeys in the yard - even though I think one died. My nieces and nephews loved to visit her. We looked forward to getting some of her fresh produce when we visited and the kids roamed her beautiful land while we were there.

Sad to say, I am not sure if I will be able to attend the funeral since I start a brand new job on Monday [separate blog]. I will dedicate my thoughts and love to her constantly for the next few days and will ask my Parish Priest to include her in his dedications at Mass.

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  1. Vilma even if you are not there in the physical sense, she knows you loved her and she will be with you always...

    Your memories of her are just lovely. You could nearly visulalize your description of the yard and monkeys..

    Peace & Blessings Dear Vilma.
    Love Alli....xx