Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Am I a survivor? Then what is next?

I feel strong; my last visit with my oncologist was good; and he schedules me now for 3 month follow-up visit. However, he has not used the 'R' word: remission. This scares me but since my Faith in God is stronger, I save that feeling for a few minutes a day.

There is one small detail that I am a little nervous about: my orthopedist did a whole body scan a few weeks ago to rule out any metastatic problems in my knee. This was a source of major problems for me for the last several months until I stopped taking Femara. Slowly, my symptoms disappeared but not before I saw an orthopedist. He basically said the scan was fine but as any typical specialist, focussed on any occurrence of osteosarcoma. Well, what the 'h' do you call cancer in the bone from any primary site? Hmmmmmm. In any event, he went on to say that there is something going on in my left rib area but he thinks it is nothing and sent me on my merry way.

HUH? I asked his assistant to pass results onto my oncologist but she declined to do this. So I called my onc and he is now trying to get a copy of radiologist's report since he does not read the film unlike the orthopod. *shaking my head*. I wonder why I stay with this group. I call it continuance of care but the frustration is so overwhelming.

I am also trying to get back into the job market but this is another story that I will reserve for another blog.

Alli: I promise to be diligent :)


  1. I'm reading you Vilma lol.
    WOW!! I am sorry that you are getting the run around. When there is a lack of communicating between offices it is frustrating. Not only that they treat you like there is no way you could understand so a pat on the head and be on your way attitude stinks...

    I'm dealining with something similiar right now too.....

    Love Alli....

  2. Can you ask for a copy of the report for "yourself"? I live in the USA and routinely get copies of blood tests, radiology reports, etc. You could then pass the copy on to your Onc?