Thursday, June 3, 2010

Testing Testing Testing

Well, tomorrow I go for my follow-up CT Scan of pelvis and chest and an "urgent" MRI of my knee per my oncologist to see what's bugging. Both will occur one after the other at two separate facilities.

I had to misbehave a little today with my insurance company representative when the clerk wanted to schedule the MRI two weeks away. I had to remind her that the request is 'urgent' per the doctor's instructions and two weeks is not urgent in my book. She called me back a couple of hours later and reported that the insurance company will send the referral to an outside provider and this is how I got the appointment for tomorrow.

I tell you, this is a struggle but I will beat it and all the negativity that comes with it. Monday I will see my oncologist who will give me all the good news about my progress. *BIG GRIN*.

I had a loooooong day and now my head hurts. I also got a new pair of false boobs [prosthesis] today from Nordstroms. This stuff cost over $300 ea but I received a referral from the insurance company since I heard that it is a benefit under my company plan [COBRA allows your policy to remain the same]. I hope the idiots do not bill me cause this will be another fight. Oh well!

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  1. I hate the fact that you have to go through insurance companies for everything that's needed,I hope that situation is corrected soon in the US.

    Good luck at the Oncologists Monday. My appt. is Friday scheduled before surgery or that was when I was due which ever I plan to have a long talk with the doc about a few things.
    Have a good Sunday.......Alli xx